Paul D Bayfield

When Paul entered college he first pursued a computer science and math major. Then transferred and changed majors, and graduated with an elementary- and secondary-education teaching degree in Fine Art. Rather than teach, he pursued a variety of professions, including gold- and silver-smithing, master serigraph printmaking, and art gallery sales and support positions, before settling into a graphic design and production career.

Paul always had an affinity for computers, even before there were tools to create art and graphics, and he envisioned someday the technology would evolve to what we have today. He came full circle when he entered the advertising graphics field as a production artist and typographer, at the time the technology was transitioning to a digital work-flow. Later Paul partnered to form a his own typography company. As the technology developed and design and production moved to personal computers, he began consulting – aiding clients in the transistion.

After closing his typography business, Paul spent several years teaching at technical schools, instructing graphics students in both traditional layout production, as well as digital graphics design, layout and production technology. While teaching, Paul was asked to join a then small prepress/service-bureau company. After a number of mergers and acquisitions, and then being acquired by an even larger company, this new company became one of the 10 major full-service printing companies in the San Diego market. There, he was responsible for design and production of projects working directly with clients, and became skilled in solving prepress challenges with the electronic files supplied in direct-to-plate workflow. He is highly skilled in diagnosis and resolution of complex, and all too frequently common, problems with supplied prepress files.

When the failing economy forced the printing company to close, Paul went back to freelance design and production with some of his existing clients, as well as working with new clients, and also working on-call for other printing companies that were trying to weather the economic storm.

In spite of working many years with Apple equipment and the Macintosh OS, Paul decided to work primarily with a Windows-based platform and Adobe Creative Suite design and production tools. He has extensive experience with other graphics software, including QuarkXPress. He is highly knowledgeable about color-correction, especially of flesh tones in images. Additionally, Paul has sometimes converted older platform-specific Type-1 and Truetype fonts to cross-platform Opentype font formats.

More recently, Paul has renewed his old interests in programming languages. Drawing on a background of Fortran, Assembler and C+, he is studying web languages such as: HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, to build knowledge and skills to create dynamic, mobile-first, responsive websites. He maintains an in-house linux-based webserver for development and testing purposes. This is an exciting new area for him.

About the logotype and mark

The original 2-dimensional logo was created by Paul as a teen built from his initials "PdB", and is both the basis of the background texture in the header, and seen as the website's "favicon" in its original blue color. In the mid-to-late-90s the mark transitioned to a 3-dimensional element floating on a white wave (see portfolio page).

Before Paul hung out his shingle again as a freelancer at the end of 2008, he decided a new mark that included his last name, should help tell the story for the next chapter. This combination was used on the previous site build, as well as other business identity elements.

With this site revision comes a new full-name logotype, and return to the original flat mark. These changes were designed to work better, and be more versatile, in todays mobile-first, responsive site-building philosophy.

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